In the current situation on the internet, it becomes more and more difficult for everyone to save it's privacy. You want to check a forum post without the knowledge of the others ? You log out from the forum, but then again you're still using the same PC and the same browser, and of course, the same IP - that help the forum owners to identify you. The same thing happens when you visit facebook or twitter. If you want a real privacy, you need the proper tools - some of them are a complicated to use VPN (and not cheap at all), proxy servers and of course, web based proxies(like this here). It's so simple to use that you'll not even know that it's there - you do not need a software to install, no complicated configurations, no hassles. And it's completely free to use.

Principle of work

Let me start with the whole process of displaying of a web page. Without the proxy, your browser downloads every element of the web page - images, flash content, javascript, css styles, html code. Everything is downloaded and saved directly to your computer and then the browser puts everything together and display the web page. With the web proxy, none is directly downloaded to your computer - everything is downloaded first on our server and then it's sent back to you. After that it's deleted. This way of work allows your IP and browser information to remain private.

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